Edgecortix Inc.

EdgeCortix (EC) is looking for enthusiastic interns who can work with us in our Tokyo office this summer and autumn (with possibility for remote working for students from outside Japan). We welcome students who want to develop new technologies, software, and services for machine learning/artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration for low-latency, low-power edge applications.

Characteristics of EC Internship

  • Over a minimum two-months period, EC engineers will be assigned to work with you as a mentor. You will have opportunities to discuss, study, and put to action cutting edge ideas for AI hardware and software acceleration. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with specialists in various fields including deep learning, computer vision, dev-ops, semiconductor design and verification of ASIC and FPGAs, and AI hardware system design.
  • During the internship, in some cases you may also have the opportunity to work directly on customer applications at prototype stage.

Internship Project

  • Computer Vision Models Optimization and Porting for AI Accelerator(Machine Learning)

We’re looking for interns who have (mix of these):

  • Bachelor in Computer Science, Data Science or similar
  • Currently Masters or PhD level students
  • Experience in writing high quality Python or C++ code
  • Experience using TensorFlow and/or PyTorch Machine Learning frameworks
  • Good knowledge of Deep Neural Networks
  • Strong understanding of network implementation, training and accuracy evaluation techniques is a plus
  • Experience with git, and work with github/gitlab development flows
  • Experience in usage of deep learning compiler frameworks such as TVM, Glow or XLA
  • Experience in deployment of AI models and/or development of applications on an embedded device

Salary and Benefits

  • 2000 yen an hour for PhD level university students
  • 1500 yen an hour for all other graduate level university students
  • Work hours:8 hours in principle. 5 days a week excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.
  • Minimum commitment: 24 hours a week (flexible pattern)
  • Internship duration: 2 months (minimum) to 6 months (maximum)


  • Commuting fee support:EC will pay for your daily commute to and from the office in an approved route.
  • Travel cost:For students traveling a long distance by plane or Shinkansen to participate in the internship, EC will support the cost for one round trip to relocate between the Tokyo area and the place where you’re currently living.
  • Accommodation allowance (if required):For students coming from distant areas (outside of greater Tokyo area), EC will provide an accommodation allowance of 5,000 yen per day for the entire period of your internship including holidays.
  • Please note that the accommodation allowance is taxable.

About Edgecortix

At Edgecortix we are a deep-tech startup revolutionizing edge computing with artificial intelligence and novel high efficiency silicon on chip design. Originating from multiple years of research, our unique AI hardware & software co-design principle and the Dynamic Neural Accelerator ® AI processor IP are geared towards positively disrupting the rapidly growing artificial intelligence edge hardware space and bring the power of AI and machine learning to all kinds of devices. Our operations are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with offices in Singapore, Virginia, and California in the US.

The Team

As an engineering driven company we are working to define and solve the hardest problems in AI including computer vision, speech, and natural language, geared towards real-time capabilities on small to medium form factor devices. We originated out of multiple years of research, as such at our core we value learning, intellectual curiosity, and self-starters. We have the ambitious goal of enabling cloud-level performance with significantly better energy-efficiency for AI inference at the edge.