Edgecortix Inc.

Edgecortix Inc. is seeking a Hardware Design Engineer with proven RTL/logic and VLSI design expertise. If you have strong desire to build state-of-the-art digital chips and systems join us and let's reshape the future of AI.

Your Role and Responsibilities
Ideal candidates will have expertise in several of the following areas:

  • RTL Design and module level verification of modules for Edgecortix inference accelerator IP.
  • Work close with our architects to support architectural level decisions providing expert feedback to ensure high design scalability.
  • Propose and implement low-level micro architectural optimizations for better resource utilization and placebility/routability of designtargeting specific FPGA devices.
  • Collaborate with our architects and compiler engineers to determine the best way of implementing new functionality and defining architectural specs.
  • Perform system integration activities using third party IPs and integration tools. Participate in on board bringup and debugging activities.
  • Perform timing analysis activities and timing closure activities, perform manual placement activities to ensure design reproducible meets target timing on specific FPGA device.
  • Engage in IP level and system level verification and debugging activities using SystemVerilog and UVM.
  • Embrace high standards of engineering practices such as code reviews, technical documentation, propper testing process, continuous integration, release engineering.

Desired Qualifications (FPGA)

  • Ability to write clean, readable, synthesizable RTL.
  • Familiarity with AXI, Avalon or similar protocol.
  • Good understanding of Xilinx or Intel FPGA architecture.
  • Experience of performing synthesis and implementation using Xilinx or Intel FPGA toolchains.
  • Experience in performing system integration tasks using Vivado Block Design editor or Qsys.
  • Experience in optimizing design for timing.
  • Experience in performing manual placement tasks to ensure timing reproducibility.
  • Experience in on board debugging using Integrated Logic Analyzer or Signal Tap
  • Understanding of using fixed-point arithmetic for approximating floating point computations.
  • Experience with verification using SystemVerilog and UVM.
  • Decent scripting and automation skills using TCL, Python, Make.
  • Basic programming skills in statically typed language such as C++ or Java

What’s in it for you?

Make a difference: you will have the opportunity to join a well-funded AI hardware startup that is distrusting the AI software and hardware co-design space. Be an integral part of its growth and momentum.

Benefits and Perks

· Highly competitive salary and stock options

· Flex work time and ability to work fully remotely

· Support for obtaining visa and relocation support (in case of non-remote)